Biolab Scientific Limited is a renowned Canadian company, providing a wide range of sophisticated analytical and laboratory instruments including Bath and Circulator, Laboratory Shaker, Chamber, Centrifuge, CO2 Incubator, Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, Oven/Incubator, Spectrophotometer, Biological Safety Cabinet, Furnace, Ice Maker, Laminar Air Flow Hood, Autoclave, Freeze Dryer, Fume Hood etc. Our product line caters to routine quality control, research and development in industries, research institutes and academics.

To ensure the highest quality & durability of the product, all parts are individually checked & inspected by our technicians before packing of the consignment. It is a perfect place for our customers to invest in inexpensive imported Lab Equipment & Chambers that meet International Quality Standards. Our products are all Standardized & certified under ISO 9001: 2008 Standards.

Autoclave / SterilizerDental Autoclave 
Laboratory Horizontal Autoclave 
Laboratory Vertical Autoclave 
Medical Autoclave 
Pre and Post Vacuum Class B Autoclave 
Hot Air Sterilizer 
Bath and CirculatorOil Bath Circulator 
Oil Bath 
Water Bath 
Three purpose Water Bath 
High Temperature Circulator 
Dry Bath Incubator 
Mini Dry Bath Incubator 
Low Temperature Circulator 
Dual Temperature Dry Bath Incubator 
Biological Safety CabinetClass I Biosafety Cabinet 
Class II Biosafety Cabinet 
Class III Biosafety Cabinet 
CO2 IncubatorCO2 Incubator Air Jacketed 
CO2 Incubator Shaker 
CO2 Incubator Water Jacketed 
CentrifugeLaboratory High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge 
Laboratory High Speed Centrifuge 
Laboratory Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge 
Laboratory Low Speed Centrifuge 
Mini Centrifuge 
Micro Centrifuge 
ChamberClimatic Chamber 
Environmental Chamber 
Plant Growth Chamber 
Plant Growth Chamber Advanced 
Stability Test Chamber 
Salt Spray Test Chamber 
Thermal Shock Chamber 
EvaporatorRotary Vaccum Evaporator 
Vaccum Controller 
Vaccum Pump 
Chilled Water Circulator 
Freeze DryerBench Top Freeze Dryer 
Floor Type Freeze Dryer 
Fume HoodStandard Fume Hoods 
Ice MakerBullet Ice Maker 
Cube Ice Maker 
Flake Ice Maker 
Portable Ice Maker 
Laboratory ShakerOrbital Shaker 
Platelet Shaker 
Reciprocal Shaker 
Thermo Shaker 
Benchtop Shaking Incubator 
Cooled Shaking Incubator 
Floor Type Shaking Incubator 
MicroPlate Shaker 
Laminar Air FlowDesktop Laminar Air Flow 
Horizontal Laminar Air Flow 
Vertical Laminar Air Flow 
MixersVortex Mixer 
Oven / IncubatorDrying Oven 
Forced Convection Oven 
General Purpose Oven 
High Performance Oven 
Hot Air Oven 
Natural Convection Oven 
Vacuum Oven 
Air Jacketed Incubator 
Biological Indicator Incubator 
BOD Incubator 
Cooled Incubator 
Dual Purpose Incubator 
Fungal Growth Incubator 
Platelet Incubator 
Micro Plate Shaking Incubator 
RefrigeratorLaboratory Refrigerator 
Blood Bank Refrigerator 
Roller and RotatorTube Roller / Rotator 
SpectrophotometerFluorescence Spectrophotometer 
Double Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer 
Scanning UV Visible Spectrophotometer 
Single Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer 
Split Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer 
Nano Spectrophotometer 
StirrersMagnetic Stirrer 
HotPlate Magnetic Stirrer 
Multistation Stirrer 
Ultra Low Temperature Freezer-105°C ULT Freezer 
-135°C ULT Freezer 
-152°C Cryogenic Freezer 
-164°C Cryogenic Freezer 
-25°C Freezer 
-40°C Freezer 
-65°C Freezer 
-86°C ULT Freezer 
Double Door Freezer 
Solar Freezer 
Water Purification SystemLaboratory Water Purification System 
Basic Water Purification System 
Medium Water Purification System 
Large Capacity Water Purification System 
Pure Water Supply System