Glory Biotechnologies Corp.

Glory Biotechnologies Corp. is an expert innovative research and development company dedicated to the development of new diagnostics systems for the diagnosis of incurable and infectious diseases. Thus, providing complete solutions for the healthcare Industry.

Glory Biotechnologies Corp. was established as a Medical Device and Health Care company in Seoul, 2014. Since its establishment, the company has kept on gaining ground in conjunction with different research projects such as Tech incubator program for startups (TIPS) by employing aspiring experts and ambitious professionals to develop diagnostic instruments, providing the Lab information management system (LIMS), Lab automation, Data management and Biobanking, Bioprocess products, Molecular biology reagents and solutions for Academia, Research institutes and Pharmaceutical industries.

Our slogan “For giving Better Life” is a clear indication of our establishing mission, and our aim is to discover, create, and effectively showcase or change to highlight new restorative applicant substances through persistent innovative work, thereby contributing to the welfare of humanity.

We have kept on building a solid patent portfolio by gathering significant intellectual property, which is essential in the inventive economy.

The development of new diagnostic systems is a high-hazard business that requires huge time and venture. It is not an easy job for extraordinary researchers and companies to develop a new diagnostic instrument all alone. To accomplish the demand in this era of specialized union and redid prescription, Glory Biotechnologies Corp. kept on extending its joint research and innovation, improvement by creating networks with driving domestic bio-innovation organizations international biotechnology based company.

Glory Biotechnologies Corp. will continually endeavor to grow new diagnostic instrument that is very much perceived in the worldwide medical instrument market. We will also continue to further strengthen our R&D capabilities to become a global leader. Kindly, give your support to Glory Biotechnologies Corp. of a developing champion.

We sincerely look forward to your continued interest and encouragement.

Thank you.

Glory Biotechnologies Corp.

Stephen Sung
President & CEO