Lab Automation

Laboratory automation solutions for users demanding high performance with ease-of-use

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From sample preparation to sample analysis through data interpretation and storage, we provide the widest array of complete solutions for your research or industrial needs. Laboratories worldwide seeking a single, integrated informatics platform can now standardize on one comprehensive laboratory information management system, encompassing LIMS, CDS, LES and SDMS functionality. Life science researchers looking to improve processes or increase efficiency rely on our comprehensive portfolio of robotics, automated incubators, microplate instrumentation, liquid handling, and workflow software to provide accurate, reliable results. Whether automating a single step or your entire workflow our solutions will reduce your cost of ownership and deliver a faster return on your investment.

Scinomix is a provider of laboratory automation systems to customers in the Life Science Industry. Our mission is to provide our customers with solutions by committing to quality, reliability, value, and customer service. Over the years, we have helped customers by providing configurable solutions to increase efficiency in the laboratory. Currently we meet a strong market-niche for labeling tubes, vials, and plates in many life science applications. Our focus on high quality and prompt service elevates our brand. Innovation and creativity continue to play a strong role in our vision for the future.

BioNex Solutions is revolutionizing laboratory automation by rethinking productivity, reliability, and flexibility. Our system designs focus on eliminating the "idle time" of each operation in a workflow (e.g., microplate handling, material transfer, etc…). Each system is easily customized with proven standard products to automate any application.

Our Standard Laboratory Automation Product Line is mainly used on liquid handling workstations by Beckman Coulter, Hamilton, PerkinElmer/Caliper, Tecan, Sias/Xiril, or other robotic platform manufacturers. For software & mechanical integration please contact your system provider.