Single use Disposable

사용자 편리를 최고의 목표로 하는 고품질의 다양한 실험실 소모품과 최고의 서비스

At BioPointe Scientific, we are committed to supplying our customers with products that meet the highest quality standards. We do this by constantly monitoring and improving our manufacturing process from start to finish. Our stringent quality control procedures are second to none. Our processes ensure our customers will receive a product that will be consistent in reliability and quality. We stand behind our products, and will continuously look at ways to improve our business, to provide you, our customer, with the finest laboratory products in the industry.

Eppendorf 는 전세계의 실험실에서 사용되는 분주용, 샘플링 용도 및 세포공학용 기기, 소모품과 서비스를 개발하고 판매하는 생명과학 선도 기업입니다.