1. DNA Erectrophoresis Kit

Clean BAgarose Tablet
- 0.5g/1TBL * 5EA
◎ Individual Blister packs with correct capacity of 0.5g.
◎ Dnase / Rnase / protease-free
◎ High gel strength (easy to handle)
◎ High electrical mobility (low EEO value)
◎ Molecular Biology Grade
◎ No DNA binding
◎ No impact on Ligase and endonuclease activities
Running buffer(1X TAE or 1X TBE)
– 500ml * 5EA
◎ 1X Buffer
◎ No extra dilution required
◎ Packaging pack for easy disposal after use (PE)
6X Clean B-Load Safe Loading Buffer
– 1ml * 1EA
◎ Pre-mixed loading buffer containing a combination of glycerol and tracking die
◎ Mix and use samples without pre-treatment
◎ Safe loading buffer; EtBr substitute
◎ Green fluorescent
◎ Store at room temperature up to 48 hours