Realizing Immunocyte Diagnosis Platform with Core Technology of Leukocyte Separation

GBTsol™ICA is an in vitro diagnostic device that collects white blood cells separately and counts the number of white blood cells and monitors CD Maker of infectious disease based on our unique technology, micro filtration technology.

Based on the micro filtration technology, the source technology of GBT, GBTol™ICA can collect only white blood cells separately, count the number of white blood cells using the reaction of CD maker and fluorescence, and monitor CD Maker of infectious disease more accurately, faster, and easier than flow cytometry.

• Advantages of ICA

· High accuracy
· Use a small amount of blood (5ul)
· Easy way to use
· Save time by omitting the entire process

Unique core technology

Our own Micro filtration system

We separate white blood cells in the blood using our own technology, Micro filtration system. It does not have a chemical effect on white blood cells because it uses filtration method using size difference.

Schematic of the GBTsol™ICA procedure for Leukocyte CD4, and CD8 counts

The cartridge contains a membrane that facilitates movement of RBCs and platelets after application of negative pressure; leukocytes remain on the surface of the membrane and emit a specific wavelength of light after excitation of fluorescence-conjugated antibodies to CD4 and CD8 T-cells.

Superior Accuracy

The recovery rate of leukocytes is 91% or higher and provides accurate results with a low CV value of 6%.

Evaluation of the sensitivity of GBTsol™ICA at various target

TA known number of rainbow microsphere beads (100-5,000 cells) was added into 1 mL phosphate buffered saline (pH.7.0) and detected using the device integrated with a size-selective microcavity array. The plot represents the number of cells recovered and the number of tests performed (n=12). CV ranged from 2.28 to 5.38%, and the correlation coefficient (R2) was 0.99.

Leukocyte recovery rate from 200 blood samples using the GBTsol™ICA device

The average number of leukocytes per microliter of whole blood was calculated. The correlation value was 0.998, the precision value was <10% (CV%), and the leukocyte recovery percentage was > 92%. Method comparison and correlation studies for total leukocyte counts of 200 human blood samples.

Bland-Altman analysis of GBTsol™ICA and FACSCount results

In a comparison using venous blood for GBTsolTMICA and FACSCount, the coefficient of determination (R2) was 0.99, while the mean bias between the two platforms was 502 cells/μL (95% CI of LoA- 117.75 to 885.96, n=200), and the SD was 195.97.

Cell typeNumber of cells (cells/㎕)
Flow cytometerNano-Filtration
Total leukocytes
CD4+ helper T lymphocyte
CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocyte

A very simple method of use 

1. An antigen-antibody reaction

2. Insert Cartridge

3. wetting

4. Samples are busy on cartridges

5. wash

6. Analysis

A very simple method of use

1. An antigen-antibody reaction

2. Insert Cartridge

3. wetting

4. Samples are busy on cartridges

5. wash

6. Analysis

Accurate examination with a small amount of blood

Only a small amount of blood (5μl) can proceed. A small amount of fluorescence antibody is also used because of the use of a small amount.

Skip the pre-processing process

No additional steps are required. In addition to the time for reaction between white blood cells and fluorescence antibody, results can be checked within 5 minutes. You can significantly reduce the waiting time for screening and checking results for patients with chronic diseases who need regular checkups.

Technical Specification of GBTsol™ICA

Display7’’Touch Screen LCD Tablet PC
(2G/32GB/with Win10 License)
Optical SystemLED excitation (340-750nm)
CMOS Camera
CameraSensor Vendor
ON Semiconductor


Max.Image Circle

Sensor Type

Sensor Size



Pixel Size (H x V)

Pixel Bit Depth

AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H)
265 X 245 X 362 mm